Physical Filter

2018 February

Physical Filter is an interactive photo booth that celebrates the release of Samsung's new Galaxy S9 phone by showcasing the features of its' new camera technology.

The sculpture consists of a phone on a stand with four transparent screens stacked in front of it. The user can select a scene on the phone, and start a timer to take a photo. The screens count down, and the phone captures a short 3-second moving picture of the guests.

The guests are then greenscreened into a 2.5 dimensional scene of their choosing, with their faces becoming an interactive part of the video. Ski helmets and scarves, party glasses, and hand-drawn features are added to guests' face in these whimsical videos, which are then uploaded to a server for the guest to download.

Lastly, outside of the installation a screen showcases the last nine guest videos, giving guests in line an idea of what to expect. This showcase is also available online for remote users to view, to see if their friends have gone and used the installation recently.